What are Household Pets (HHP) ?

Yes, you can show your cat even if its not eligible for pedigree cat competition! Household Pet(s) (HHP) is a competitive show category where cats are judged on condition (general good health) temperament, and grooming but not a written standard for conformation. It is a very important part of our cat show. Don't be afraid to give it a try. If your cat is friendly, not easily frightened, and likes attention, chances are it will do well, and you will have a good time showing your cat off. You will want to bathe and clean ears on your cat one to two days before show. Nails must be clipped on all paws before judging. HHP(s) must be at least 4 months old (by first date of show). Cat(s) can not be declawed. Cat(s) 8 months of age or older must be spayed or neutered. All shots must be up-to-date, and tested negative for Felv. This is for everyone's protection. The only animals that can enter the show hall are cat(s) that are entered into the show or service animals. Now you have decided to enter your HHP(s) in the show.

For more information see the Southwest Region site

Entering The Show: 2 Options

1. Online Entry
  • The "Breed" pull-down on the Online Entry Form lists several "Other" selections after the list of pedigree breeds. Select HHP
  • The second place to select HHP is the class under "Cat To Be Entered In (Check Proper Class)"
  • Non-pedigree cats do not need the sire or dam fields filed in.


2. Printable Entry Forms for mailing in: Printed HHP Entry Form
Forms either online or regular form should be filled out by an adult (18 years or older). If owner is under 18 years of age their name is filled in under owner. It is also put in with name of parent or guardian under exhibitor.

Attending the Show Cat(s) needs to come into show in a secured carrier. Bring food and water dishes. Food and treats as needed Toys and bedding for comfort of your cat(s). Bring a small litter tray. Litter is provided. Cage Covers for your cage in the benching area. Your cage in the benching area must have covers that cover the two sides, back, and top. You will also need a soft material for cage bottom. The Cage size for our show is 36" wide, 24" deep and 27" high.

If there's any question(s) in what to bring or how to fill-out forms for entering, Please feel free to Call on our HHP Coordinator: Candy @ (619) 287-5666.