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Who We Are

San Diego Cat Fanciers, Inc., is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, devoted to the welfare of cats.  We are a member club of the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.(CFA), and are the oldest CF club in the Southwest.  San Diego Cat Fanciers was formed in the late 1940's by a small group of dedicated people who wanted to share their love of cats, both pedigreed and non-pedigreed, with others. 

Where Does The Money Come From?
While San Diego Cat Fanciers gratefully accepts corporate and individual donations, more than 95% of our income comes from production of educational events, such as our cat shows.   Along with other charitable and educational events, San Diego Cat Fanciers has put on a yearly cat show to benefit organizations also dedicated to the welfare of these special companions. 

Where Does The Money Go?
San Diego Cat Fanciers, Inc., is a nonprofit public benefit corporation devoted to the welfare of cats.  All of the net proceeds of our cat shows go to the benefit of our furry companions.  It should be noted that we have no paid officers, directors  or employees.  Each and every member of San Diego Cat Fanciers donates his or her time, talent and skills, without charge, so that all of the proceeds of our shows may be used to benefit the cats.

In the past few years, our cat shows have provided cash grants for such specific projects as remodeling the kitten adoption room at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, rebuilding the surgical suite at Friends of Cats, a new roof for the National Cat Protection Society shelter, the "Save Our Strays" national tour, and providing an industrial size autoclave and other medical supplies to the Feral Cat Coalition.  We have also provided direct cash funding for the following organizations: 
  • The Winn Feline Foundation, for feline health studies
  • U C Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program
  • Scholarships and grants at the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Scholarships and grants at the Veterinary Medicine School at Ohio State University
  • PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) San Diego  provides various needed pet services to low-income pet families, homeless individuals, seniors, chronically ill and/or disabled.
  • CFA Animal Welfare Programs/Breeder Assistance

We also make space available at our shows for adoption of shelter and other rescued cats and kittens.  This year we anticipate that local rescue and humane groups will have dozens of homeless cats and kittens available for adoption and looking for Forever Homes. In addition, groups with cats are given a free entry for cat to be in the Household Pet competition which increases their chances of finding a Forever Home.  This is a partial list of local groups present at recent shows:
  • Saving One Life
  • Chula Vista Animal Care Facility
  • Friends of Cats
  • Guardian Angels  
  • Hoofs and Woofs Animal Rescue
  • Siamese Rescue 
  • County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services
  • East County Animal Rescue
  • Feral Cat Coalition
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center
  • Pet Assistance Foundation
  • San Diego Humane Society

Who is CFA?
The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1906, and is the largest and most prestigious registry of cats.  Each year CFA sponsors over 400 cat shows throughout the world to raise money for a variety of causes to benefit our feline companions.

The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by CFA, which supports health related studies into medical problems affecting cats.  Additionally, the Winn Feline Foundation sponsors an annual feline health symposium and publishes periodic updates on funded veterinary studies.  The Winn Feline Foundation is supported by contributions from CFA, corporate, cat club and individual donations.  All administrative and operational costs of the Winn Feline Foundation are covered by CFA; so that 100% of all contributions are used to benefit cats.

Interested in Joining San Diego Cat Fanciers?

The club is made up of both Pedigree cat owners (TonkineseAmerican Curls, Abyssinians, Cornish Rex, and Maine Coons) and Household Pet owners (HHP are non-pedigree cats). The only requirement for joining is to love cats and be willing to work to help put on the biggest cat show in the western United States.

We normally meet once a month for an evening meeting in the central area of the county. Contact the club Secretary Bill Falco 
bfalco@cox.net for the schedule and location of upcoming meetings. If you are interested, he can send you a reminder of the meetings.

Types of Membership:
• Active
• Social
An Active member is one who elects to attend at least three (3) meetings of the Club each year and is eligible to vote at regular and special meetings of the Club. A Social member is one who elects not to attend the prescribed number of meetings required for Active membership. Social members may attend meetings, help with the cat shows, and attend social events but may not vote.

Process for Becoming A Member
If sponsored by club member, a prospective member is eligible for membership at the meeting after the prospective member has attended one (1) meeting as a guest.
If not sponsored by club member, a prospective member is eligible for membership at the meeting after the prospective member has attended three (3) meetings as a guest.

After attending the minimum number of meetings, the applicant can either bring the application to the next meeting or mail it to the Club Secretary. Applicants will be elected at regular and special meetings of the Club by a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) vote.

The Club Secretary shall notify an applicant of his or her election to membership, the applicant must then pay the dues. Upon payment, the applicant will:
1. be added to the membership roll
2. be given the password to the Members Only area of the club web site
3. be invited to join the club yahoo groups list at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sandiegocat/info.
The Constitution is available in the Members Only area of the web site or if desired copy can be requested from the Club Secretary.