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Largest Cat Show in the Western US!!

Jan 27 & 28, 2018 - San Diego Cat Show - Del Mar Fairgrounds

450 kittens and cats in competition, 42 breeds, agility, rescues, education

Admission Tickets

Adults $9.00
Seniors/Military/Children $7.00
Children under 6 (w/adult) Free

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Tickets on sale at the door.
Cash Only

Spectators and new Household Pet
entry questions:
 info @ sandiegocat.org (remove blanks)

What will you see? Action is nonstop with activities happening throughout both days!!

CFA Judge

The Super Bowl of Cat Competition

  • A beauty contest with up to 450 exotic cats from all over the US.
  • 8 Independent judges come from around the US. The 8 judges and 4 classes of judging result in 38 Best In Show finals spread throughout the weekend.
  • All the judging rings are active throughout the show hours. The judges judge all the cats over the 2 days but in different order. So kittens will be some rings,while adults or Household Pets in other rings..
  • Up to 42 unique pedigree breeds You will see cats with short hair, long hair, and almost no hair. Cats with folded ears, no tail and of course beautiful fluffy Persians
  • Household Pet Competition are spayed/neutered non-pedigree family cats.
CFA Judge
CFA agility

Agility Ring

  • What is Feline Agility? A fun event only seen once a year in Southern California at the Del Mar Cat Show
  • There is no specific schedule. The agility ring will be active all day Saturday and all day Sunday until 3 PM when the awards are decided and presented.
  • Open to both Pedigree Cats and Household Pets
  • Its like dog agility only done in cat's unique style
  • Fun video of a baby kitten training for Feline Agility using toddler sized obstacles
CFA Agility

YouTube video of kitten training for agility

CFA Educaation

Education Ring

  • The Education Ring will feature beautiful Pedigreed Breeds, Household Pets and Shelter/Rescue cats. The program runs 11 AM to 5 PM both Saturday and Sunday.
  • It is designed to help visitors better understand and appreciate ALL cats.  The first topic explains what the judges are doing, how they assess the cats, kittens and household pets in competition and what the ribbons mean. Visitors and “NewBee” exhibitors should not miss these presentations !
  • CFA Judges and experienced exhibitors will present talks displaying beautiful CATS as they explore the history of several rare breeds, predictable breed personality traits; and techniques and grooming tips for both long-haired and short-haired cats. 
  • Outstanding experts will discuss how special our older cats are and how cats think and ways to “train cats”. You will learn how to get YOUR cat into Household Pet competition as well as Feline AGILITY. Topics include information about adding a new cat to your household, characteristics of various breeds, and the steps for successfully introducing a newcomer to the resident cats.
  • Between all of the talks visitors can enjoy informal chatting with speakers and exhibitors, close up viewing and the chance to pet unique examples of popular and rare breeds
tonkinese kittens

Kittens and cats looking for new homes

  • Pedigree kittens for sale. Many kittens will be physically there and ready to go to a new home. But if your desired breed does not have any kittens for sale,many brreders willl br yhere to discuss their future litters.
    • The education talks include information to help you learn about the breeds.
    • We also have many Breed Booths displays describing the breeds.
    • Pet Me Cats are available for you to pet (with the owners permission). Look for the Pet Me Cats signs.
  • Rescue cats looking for new forever home. Many rescue groups will have cats ready for new homes. See details below.
Stuffed Animal Contest

Free Favorite Stuffed Animal Contest

  • It is scheduled each day in the Education Ring
  • See the Education Ring Schedule for the specific time
  • Prizes for all the participants.
  • Have children bring their favorite stuffed animals but we have extras to borrow so everyone can participate

Stuffed Animal Contest

Rescue Cat

Rescue Cat Adoptions

  • Each year we offer several local rescue/shelter organizations a booth at the show to place rescue cats for adoption.
  • Last year 30 rescues found forever homes and many more were placed after the show.
  • Some of the the cats are even shown in the Household Pet Competition which helps showcase these wonderful cats
  • We have supported many local rescue/shelter organizations along with feline medical research projects with proceeds from the show.
Rescue Cat
CFA Vendor

Vendors Galore at Meow Mall

  • Unique Gift Items On Sale!
  • Largest selection of vendors at any cat show in the western US
  • Items for both pets as well as pet lovers
  • See our wonderful Vendor List

CFA Vendor





Pet carriers, shelters, accessories and toys


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Dynamic Slide Show From 2017 SHow

A great dynamic 3 minute slide show of the 2017 San Diego Cat Fanciers Cat Show. Lots and lots of photos showing the various fun activities. All courtesy of club member Alain Lescart.

CFA Judge